Fairfields The Gatelodge

Fairfields The Rectory

Fairfields The Gracey

Fairfields The Deanery

Fairfields The Chancery

Fairfields The Hancock

Fairfields The Bulmer

Fairfields The Wolsey

Fairfields The Taylor

Fairfields The Stannus

Fairfields The Ross

Fairfields The Tyler A

Fairfields The Tyler B

Fairfields The Grant

Fairfields is an exclusive development of superbly detailed luxury homes just off the Magheralave Road in Lisburn. Only a few minutes form the bustling centre of Lisburn it offers stylish city living that perfectly balances beauty with functionality. Emanating from the Malone Conservation Area, Fairfields incorporates heritage colours and architectural details at the heart of a classical design.


Invite nature into your home with integrated spaces. Floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors let in the light, sound, and scents of your garden.


The heart of a house is the kitchen. Thoughtful design and plenty of space make these cooking and dining areas the natural place for family and friends to gather.


Handsome, comforting spaces that match garden views with quiet intimacy. The bedrooms draw on a heritage of understated opulence and familial warmth.