Our Approach

At Blue Horizon we build houses for people who care. You care about quality, finish and craftsmanship; you care about atmosphere and ambience and you care about the future. We care about your home.

Achieving excellence demands an obsessive attention to detail and a determination to find the designs, the materials and the workmen that reflect our values – no shortcuts, no compromises and no reason to doubt us.

At every point during design and construction we put in that little bit of extra thought and effort that turns good into excellent.

With Blue Horizon you get a home you can love for a lifetime.

Andrew Agnew

Andrew worked for over 20 years in the Agnew Group driving the entire business forward in every aspect. The highly profitable Group had an award winning, proven reputation for customer care and the highest standards of operational efficiency.

David Craigan

David worked at Farrans Construction for almost 20 years as a Civil Engineer, heading up their new property development division. David brings vast knowledge and experience of property construction and a detailed understanding of the Northern Ireland market.

Blue Horizon was established in 2014 and the two directors Andrew and David combine over 40 years experience of business excellence and property construction to build beautiful homes for you, without compromise. We know that every little detail is important.